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Lehigh Acres Real Estate

Lehigh Acres isn’t exactly like the other bubbling communities in Lee County, Southwest Florida, where you have lots of social clubs, watersports, public facilities, and beaches to hang out with family and friends because it is well inland from the coast and other crowd-pleasers. Although it is also a fun place to be, it is much calmer, and its residents seem to have a lifestyle that is different from the residents of other communities. With Fort Myers just about 12 miles to the west, and a population of approximately 116,849 residents and growing, Lehigh Acres proves undoubtedly that it is a place worth investing in.

This diverse community, with its relatively large landmass, boasts many lakes, ponds, and of course, canals. Having canals as long as 175 miles, and 16 lakes packed with fishes of all sorts, Lehigh Acres is the ideal haven for fishing enthusiasts and those who would love a good place to start. Residents also have access to saltwater fishing via the Gulf of Mexico and neighboring islands, with abundant mackerel, trout, redfish, and snapper to name a few.

The other things residents of Lehigh Acres also get to enjoy are golf and tennis. This community is home to four championship golf courses, and many times, its residents challenge each other to a peaceful game after the day’s work, and particularly on weekends. Dominated by the young, it is not uncommon to see the old try to kick each others’ butts at these games as well. Lehigh Acres, due to the calm nature of its residents, is known to have very safe roads for cycling and walking, and with the presence of golf courses, tennis courts, lakes for fishing, and a few parks, this community is perfect for families who would love to spend quality time with each other instead of trying to tick off a bunch of activities on their checklist, or retirees looking to have a not-too-expensive vacation time.

Talking about the average lifestyle of residents in Lehigh Acres, with gender equally divided at 49.7 for the men and 50.3 for the women, the median age is 33 years, making it the community with the second-youngest population behind Fort Myers which has 32 years as its median age. Home value in this area costs an average of $157,100, which is still pretty affordable, while the median property rent sits over $1,000. The median household income here is above $47,102, and the percentage of those paying rent to those who own the property is somewhere around 57.3% and 42.7% respectively. Although a little smaller than the median income in Florida ($51,960), the residents of Lehigh Acres spend more time to commute to work (an average of 35 minutes) than the average Floridian (29 minutes).

With the 6.37% appreciation in home value that Lehigh Acres has experienced in the last 10 years, and its proximity to a more vibrant neighboring city, Fort Myers, property developers are beginning to look into the future of this community and its potential to attract more home buyers. As a real estate investor, the signs for growth are becoming more lucid by the day, and if you are a calculated risk-taker, the earlier you take hold of this opportunity, the better.