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Fort Myers Real Estate

With a median age of 32, Fort Myers has maintained its rank as the city with the youngest population in its County. It is no news that with young age comes energy, fun, creativity, and growth, and this radiates throughout the entire city, visible through its building renovations, nightlife, amazing restaurants, and everything you could think of. You would also find a considerable number of the old (especially retirees) here as well, making it a perfect blend of the young trying to gain the experience of the old, and the old trying to relive their previous years’ experiences. How more cultural can a city get? Besides the peculiarity of its median age, Fort Myers was also the place where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had their winter homes, making this place not only rich in energy and growth, but history, and it would seem like the creativity that filled the air in those days still lurks around.

The climate here is among the factors that gave rise to the increase in population and a corresponding increase in residential developments. People are attracted to Fort Myers because of its proximity to many beaches and its affable casual lifestyle. Apart from the increase in residential developments, the increase in population also sparked an increase in commercial developments like shopping complexes, hotels, pubs, and other social facilities, which has also caused an increase in the rate at which residential units are purchased as investments, because as long as the demand for homes continues to rise, the price will always follow.

Deciding to purchase real estate in this part of town based on the livelihood or culture of the residents, and not solely because of your investment plans, will perhaps be the best real estate decision you have made until you make the next one. Even if you plan to only live in the neighborhood seasonally or you are considering moving there with your family, Fort Myers offers many great properties in diverse locations with different views that will suit your purpose. From elaborate waterfront homes for vacation, high rises, and beautiful gated communities to less expensive apartments and more affordable single-family homes, the options are numerous and the price gap is wide enough to accommodate any kind of buyer. Also, pre-construction homes and lands are available if your choice is to have your custom home built.

All year round, Southwest Florida entertains all its guests and residents, and never seems to run out of cultural events, overlooking the Caloosahatchee River at the Centennial Park and the Fort Myers Yacht Basin. Home buyers who love the beach would find their favorite beach-front homes on Captiva Island, Sanibel Island, or the Fort Myers Beach. If your family is looking to capture memorable vacation moments or have massive fun that causes you to grin from ear to ear, this city is highly recommended. It features many hiking trails, museums, and beaches. You also get to experience climbing rock walls, paddle-boarding, and fountain splashes. Memories made here are not easily forgotten, and the environment also enhances the learning ability of the kids. They get to learn in the park on picnic days, go round local preserves, and also check out the museum. In North Fort Myers, the kids get to see life-sized dinosaur models and lots of other stuff to keep their minds busy. All these activities would require some food, and Fort Myers boasts of exquisite restaurants that’ll keep your taste buds singing all day long.

If you are looking to buy a home in Bonita Springs and North Fort Myers, we would be honored to help. Our team of local real estate agents at Southwest Florida R.E. Group are experts in the area and can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about where to buy. Buying and selling your home in Bonita Spring has never been so easy. Contact us today for more information or visit our website to start browsing homes now.