Estero Real Estate

    Estero is the charming result you get when you combine the fun and livelihood of Fort Myers, Bonita, and Naples altogether in one place. It is an attractive residential community that places a great priority on Family, Fun, and the Businesses of its residents and visitors alike. Rich in history and culture that dates back to the late 19th century, Estero had an influx of European fishing families like the Fernandez, Johnson, Soto and Alvarez families who settled on Mound Key (a beautiful archaeological park made of bones, shells, and pottery materials), and later migrated upriver to the place which is now popularly called Estero. There is also a utopian community in Estero that started in the mid 1890s by people who believed that the earth was hollow and had humans living inside it, and is now preserved by the state as a historic site, known as the “Koreshan Unity”, “Koreshan Historic Site”, or the “Koreshan State Park“.

    The alluring Estero Bay has its waters flowing from the Estero River, which is often called the heart of Estero, and it also gets its waters from an ever-flowing spring. This bay sets Estero apart from most of the Gulf of Mexico beaches, however, this does not affect the amount of fun its residents and visitors are entitled to, as there are many beaches within a 37-minute drive around the area. To add to the beaches, the golf and non-golf communities have features that suit people of different personality types and lifestyle. At almost 20 square miles, Estero is partitioned into 7 districts, having more than 30 gated communities, with each district having an approximate number of 4,000 residents.

    The beautiful beaches and the perfect weather in Estero are nothing to be compared with. The flawless blend of its tropical and temperate atmosphere lightens up your mood at all times and gets you ready for the day’s activities. One major activity that people love to do around here is shopping, and large retail complexes make it possible for both residents and visitors to fulfill their insatiable shopping desires. Furthermore, Estero boasts Coconut Point, Miromar Design Center, and Outlets, pleasurable dining experiences, and is also home to Florida Gulf Coast University.

    Estero is a great place to start and run a business. The location is your business’s biggest advantage. Due to the enthusiasm and emotional intensity in the air, the people are usually eager to have all the experiences that money can buy, and therefore, as a business owner, there is every possibility for you to run your business profitably without spending a quarter of your current marketing expenditure. Relocating your business also gives you the platform to network with other business-minded individuals, promote your business via the Estero Chamber of Commerce and other available media, and also have fun in the process.

    With a total population of over 30,000 permanent residents, rising to 49,546 in season, it is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing places in the country. The median age in Estero is 62 years, however, it is packed with people of all age brackets and cultural backgrounds. The median household income here is set at $66,266, and homes are priced at an average value of $265,600. This should give you an idea about how affordable it is to live here.