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Cape Coral Real Estate


Centrally located on Florida’s incredible Gulf Coast in Lee County lies Cape Coral. This city is popularly called “Waterfront Wonderland” because having a length of over 400 miles of salt and freshwater navigable waterways, this automatically puts it at the number one spot on the list of cities with the most miles of canals in the world. Sorry, Venice. In Cape Coral, this makes it easy to jump right into a boat and tour the entire city or leave via the Caloosahatchee River.

Although it is the city with the most number of navigable waterways, Cape Coral has about 114 square miles of land, and amongst the cities in Southwest Florida, it is also the biggest with a population of 165,843 and a median income of $50,537. It is beautiful, vibrant, warm, and very welcoming. The city boasts of golf courses, tennis courts, a lot of boat ramps, natural preserves, and all that you would expect from a city in Southwest Florida. The standard of living here can be likened to none. The city is also home to some of the best parks in Florida and provides various types of fun activities for people in all demographics. These activities are spread throughout the city and are in everyone’s reach, both the visitors and its residents. It also features a Historical Museum, an Art Studio, and a Performing Arts Hall where live plays and musical performances are watched by large crowds. The studio offers acting classes to kids and adults, and some have been lucky enough to pass production auditions into the movie industry.

The city offers amazing experiences like shopping, theatre, and art, sports, a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants and pubs, clubs and organizations that match everyone’s interests and hobbies, water activities like kayaking, and just about everything you can think of. It has a Children’s Science Center, a public yacht Basin and Club, 31 other recreational parks and seven golf courses. One of the most visited recreational parks, which is also very large, is the Sun Splash Family Waterpark where there is no end to the amount of fun you can have as a family. It has many pools with different sizes, water slides and tube rides, splash pads, and much more amenities for children of all ages and adults who love to reminisce or relive their childhood days.

Due to the unbearable temperatures during the harsh winter, Cape Coral receives a significant number of Northerners who could not stand the climate. This gives Cape Coral an edge when it comes to population migration. During winter, there is an increase in population, which indicates an increase in demand and supply. Simply because the temperature here is favorable all year round, as people leave during a season of the year, more people come around to replace them, and although the median home value is just a little above $156,000, this has had a positive effect on the prices of real estate in the area over the years.

Other fun facts about Cape Coral is that it offers a great fishing experience and that directly makes it plentiful in seafood. It is home to the most number of burrowing owls in the state, which are the smallest species of owls, it is a very safe place to live, and lastly, it plays host to many notable events like the Oktoberfest Celebration and the national BMX Motocross competitions.

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