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The Sky’s the Limit: Job Opportunities in Naples

Did you know that Naples has one of the highest populations of millionaires in the world? This means it is relatively easy to find a job in Naples, especially if you have experience in tourism and hospitality. Compared to a US resident’s $28,555 annual income, the average income of a working professional in Naples is $84,721. Keep reading to learn about the high-paying jobs in Naples.

The Job Market in Naples Is Booming

With a job market increase of 0.9% in the last year and a prediction of 39.3% growth in the next ten years, Naples is one of the most economically stable cities in the United States. Naples’s 3.5% unemployment rate is lower than the average 6% unemployment rate of the United States. So, whether you work in the business or technology industry or in the healthcare or service field, several high-paying jobs in Naples are emerging as you read this article.

Some of the highly reputed companies that are hiring in Naples include Arthrex and ASG Technologies, American Business Solutions, Collier County Public School, Marriott International, and NCH Healthcare System. Simply put, Naples provides great opportunities to residents, with over 6000 job opportunities in the area.

High-Paying Jobs in Naples

To help you find the appropriate workplace, we have created a list of some of the high-paying jobs in Naples, along with their annual salaries:

  • Psychiatrist: $201,838 – $328,107
  • Pharmacist: $99,484 – $121,1007
  • Nurse Practitioner: $90,396 – $120,051
  • Physical Therapist: $72,221 – $95,658
  • Occupational Therapy: $77,961 – $112,398
  • Registered Nurse (RN): $57,394 – $81,787
  • Construction Superintendent: $59,786 – $88,483
  • Truck Driving: $52,611 – $72,221
  • Interior Designer: $37,784 – $68,395
  • Editor: $41,133 – $61,221
  • Accounting: $33,480 – $50,698

Shift to Naples and Save More!

The increasing job market isn’t only the reason to move to Naples, here are some other benefits of living in the sunshine city of Florida:

No Income Tax

If you are living in New York or California, you must understand what a bummer tax time is. It doesn’t only add to your financial burden but also stops you from buying things or visiting high-end places only because they are out of the budget. This is where Naples comes in. One of the main reasons why people love moving to Naples in Florida is that there’s no income tax. Therefore, people moving here feel like they have just got a raise, and so they save more and even spend more while enjoying every moment of their life to the fullest.

Low Crime Rate

Did you know that Naples has the lowest crime rate in the state of Florida? Because of this, Naples consistently makes it to the list of the safest metro cities in the United States.

Buy Home in Naples FL

Summing it all up, when it comes to job opportunities in Naples, the sky’s the limit. All you have to do is to buy or rent a home in Naples and search for a job that suits your skillset the best. While we cannot help you find the perfect job, we have a team of Naples real estate experts who can help you in your search for a luxurious home.

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