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Sonya Gaddis

Welcome back to the latest installment of our series at the Southwest Florida R.E. Group where we highlight our top agents, interviewing them for tips on their respective expertise and to get to know them a bit more. Today we’re interviewing Sonya Gaddis, who specializes in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Lehigh Acres, and Bonita Springs Real Estate.

What do you love about real estate, why’d you get into real estate in the first place?

I have had my license since 2005 and I always said the best thing about real estate is that I can make my own hours and the worst part about real estate is I can make my own hours. Until joining the team,  I was really bad at keeping a schedule. Those who know me will vouch that I live in “fun country” and if something comes up fun, I want to do it and forget about working. Since joining the team with the systems in place it has changed a lot of my working style for the better. I still love fun stuff but I’ve learned to better set my priorities.

Is there a particular area in Southwest Florida you concentrate on (or love to work in)?

My main areas I like to work in are Fort Myers and Cape Coral as I have lived in this area since 1991 and know it pretty well. Since joining the team I have been able to branch out to other areas Estero, Bonita Springs,  Naples, Marco Island.  If ever I have a question about different communities all I have to do is ask. The wealth of information available from the team is incredible.

What do you do for fun?

I love to work out and have made it part of my schedule so the first thing I do in the morning is take care of me. I also just enjoy having fun!!! I love going to thrift stores (as you never know what gem you might find), or going to different beaches in the area, traveling, dancing, trying out different restaurants, and church. I really like hanging out with people and socializing.

Favorite restaurant?

I do not have just one favorite. I like all kinds of different kinds of food. The one I can think of now is Conners Steak and Seafood as this place has special meaning since we are talking about the team. I recently had a tragedy happen in my personal life. I am the baby girl of three girls and my family just recently lost my 55 year old sister to cancer. This has been the worst thing personally that has ever happened to me. My family is very close knit and in January of 2020 we learned my sister had stage 4 cancer. Ever since learning of this diagnosis we have not been given a good report from the doctor. We are a family of Faith and believe in miracles and that God can and does heal us. I say all this because my sweet team all got together and raised money so they could get me something tangible to let me know they care. I was in awe of the incredible gifts and cards I received. One of the gifts was a gift card to this restaurant and it really was amazing!!!  

What are your keys to success?

The number one thing I have learned is the word persistence as I continue to build my business. I have noticed a lot of NO’S.  The key I have noticed in spite of all the ups and downs is to persist. My mom has told me there are no other options but to succeed. Also, who I hang out with matters. Surrounding myself with like minded people is critical and then the next major step is taking action.

How has our system worked for you?

My mom, whom I admire and who has been very successful in life, has always known and reminded me that I would be good at whatever I put my mind to. In high school my mentor, the Vice Principal of my high school, would say that I could sell ice to the Eskimos and my mom has always said that about me as well.  One of the things that I needed was a good assistant to take care of the details. The systems that this team provides are incredible and help me to stay on task and focus on new business. I have learned that to succeed in real estate today you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. This team provides me with exactly what I need to help me to be able to do that. When I was on my own I would get all wrapped up in one transaction and not be able to move on to other new business. Friendly competition has also benefited me because it forces me to reach out and learn from others on the team and find out what they are doing to be successful. The team has also helped me to gain confidence knowing I am providing a good service to my customers which in turn helps me to gain their loyalty and retain their business. So when I call a new prospect I know that I can help them and provide them with the best service possible and people can sense that. 

Tips for New Agents?

They say that selling is all about the numbers. I have found that to be so true!! If you are on the team do what they say to do and you will be successful. The systems are all set in place and it works but only if you work it. The best thing I have ever done for my career is to join this team and I cannot wait to see how far I will go as long as I do what they say to do. Be accountable and have fun. If you have a problem reach out. The team is and will be there for you! If you give it 100% you will not be let down!!!

I have never felt so blessed and honored to be on the best team ever The Southwest Florida Re Group.

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  • Sharon gannon
    Written on

    Hello, I was thrilled to work with Sonya to buy our home in cape coral, she did everything to meet our needs and find us our new home. Just a pleasure to work with! Sharon gannon

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