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Real Estate 2021 – Has the Pandemic Affected the Housing Market?

a house for sale in Naples

The pandemic left real estate markets all over the country in tatters. Did Naples in particular and Florida in general also face the same issue?

The Real Estate Shock

The first real shock to the real estate market in Naples came in September—but it wasn’t the kind of shock where buyers, sellers, builders, and contractors are alarmed at the lack of business. It was, on the contrary, such an excess of good business and good fortune for the real estate market that experts and real estate watchers have dubbed it the “real estate explosion.”

To be fair, these are the only kinds of explosions we approve of.

While the rest of the country was facing what watchers call a “September swoon”—a dip in real estate business in September—South Florida was flourishing. Some counties had the best-selling September they have had in years. Brokers know that Septembers are usually the slowest months for any real estate business—not so in the pandemic.

Records in Home Sales in Florida

What good records could the pandemic ever help seal other than the record of most people contracting a virus? Well, it turns out that Florida made some other records, too, in the real estate department. Collier County, in particular, witnessed a mind-boggling, record-breaking sale of $18.2 billion. Naples was setting its own record home sales in the luxury real estate market around the same time.

Why the Interest in Real Estate?

a house for sale in Naples

Why were so many Floridians interested in real estate in the middle of a pandemic? Did the prices drop? Not significantly. These sales just go on to show that people have faith in the very stable real estate market in Florida, which holds much promise in the future. People understand that buying a house in Florida isn’t just moving into a different, rent-free living space. It’s an investment of a lifetime. We’re inclined to agree.

Find Your Dream Home in Naples Today

Pandemic or no pandemic, houses will continue to be bought and sold, as we have already demonstrated in this blog. And we will help you do it.

Southwest Florida R.E. Group Inc and MVP Realty can help you find your dream home in Naples. Let us be your go-to real estate guide in Naples: we’ll help you with everything from finding homes for sale to selling a house in Naples as soon as possible. Get in touch today. We also facilitate our clients by providing free property reports that help sellers determine a selling price and buyers have a better time negotiating.

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