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Ivana Velegova

In this installment of our Agent Spotlight series at Southwest Florida REGroup we’re interviewing Ivana Velegova, who specializes in Naples Real Estate. Let’s learn more about Ivana’s buying/selling expertise, as well as get to know her a bit better outside of the real estate world.

What do you love about real estate, why’d you get into real estate in the first place?

Meeting new people, different personalities, and understanding different backgrounds are some of the reasons why I wanted to join real estate in the first place. And also of course to have a “flexible schedule” 🙂 I love guiding my buyers through their home buying process and being able to help them find their “dream home” while building a relationship that lasts.

Is there a particular area in Southwest Florida you concentrate on (or love to work in)? 

After living in Naples for about 13 years now, I’d say it is a city I like to put my primary focus on and love to work in. It has so much to offer including beautiful white sand beaches, great restaurants, shopping plazas and more.

What do you do for fun? 

I love doing anything and am a very easy-going person. But some of my favorite activities I’d say are working out, playing golf, going to the beach, travelling, and getting to know new cultures and people 🙂

Favorite restaurant?

Honestly, there is not one I dislike. All food is good but some of my favorite ones would definitely be Lake Park Diner, Coconut Jacks, and Mediterrano.

What are your keys to success?

Never give up. I have days where I don’t feel like doing anything or feel too tired, those are the days that I push myself the most. Eventually those days help me become stronger. Especially in this market I continue to focus on the positive and try my best in keeping my buyers head up. I have learned that everything happens for a reason and in every bad situation there is always a lesson learned, or something good will come out of it. You always have to look at the positive, believe in yourself and push toward your goals in order to achieve what you want in life and move past your boundaries/fears. If you’re able to face your fears you’re able to achieve anything.

“The Key to success is to start before you are ready”

How has our system worked for you?

Being a part of this team and their well-structured system has helped and worked for me to stay organized, consistent, and ensure a high satisfaction for my buyers with the easy transaction process the team has set up. I feel very thankful, every day, to be part of this team. The system has helped to not only improve on my skills, but face any fears I had. Following my daily tasks, and creating a schedule that works for me has helped a lot in expanding my experience and clientele.

Any tips for new agents?

One of my main tips I’d say would be to create a daily schedule that works for you, including having a morning routine that’ll prepare you for the day, and to continue focusing on the goals you are looking to achieve. It can be tough shifting gears and diving into a new career but if you put in the time and effort, you’ll see results 🙂

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