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Is it Better to Lease a House or Buy It?

There are some things to consider when leasing a house instead of buying one. This includes your plans for the future, how long you plan on staying in that area, and if buying a house is right for you. Can you afford the rent payments every month? Will the contract include other costs that pile up over time? Ask yourself these questions to make a decision. 


Leasing vs. Renting

Leasing a home is similar to renting it, but there are some differences. Renting involves paying the owner of an apartment or house each month and moving out before the lease expires. Leasing is like buying a car; it gives you the option to return it when you no longer need it. When leasing, payments go toward paying back your down payment, your rent, and the cost of maintenance. 

Open-ended or Close-ended Lease

You can either sign an open-ended or a closed-ended one. When you lease with an open-ended agreement, the house belongs to you when your lease expires. This means that you can stay in your home as long as you want.

A closed-ended lease is like renting because you pay your rent, and the landlord returns it to the owner once the lease expires. When deciding what kind of house or unit to lease, you want to look at the lease agreement and talk to your landlord about the information included in it. Some things to consider when looking at a lease includes:

The Duration of the Lease

Whether or not there are addendums to add specific items such as appliances, air-conditioning systems, and other improvements to the home. If you include anything in the lease that’s not already in the owner’s home, you will be responsible for maintaining it.

Property Rights

This means whether or not you can use appliances in the house and how much spending money you need to leave in reserve if something needs to be repaired.


The costs of a lease can vary, depending on the area you want to live in and what type of home you decide to lease. If there’s a difference between where the owner lives and where you live, you may need to pay for transportation for commuting or moving costs.

Shared Leasing

If you’re leasing a house with others, it’s important to discuss any rules or consequences of breaking them before signing any agreements. You also need to consider if everyone will get along and be able to work together to keep the home. 


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