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How to Spruce up Your Floridian Home

A blue wall with an assortment of home décor on a brown shelf

Did you finally take a giant leap and buy a home in Naples, Florida? Congratulations! No matter how hectic and chaotic the home selling, buying, and moving process was, a significant change is always exciting.

Now that you’re unpacking and starting to settle in, you might notice some things need more flair and a touch of your personality to really make the new house feel like a home. Don’t worry; it’s just your need for a bit of home décor and styling bothering you.

Sprucing up your new Floridian home will allow you to settle in finally and make all the living spaces feel like a reflection of your style.

If you’re looking for some simple yet effective ways to add a hint of your personality to your new home, here are some of our best tips.

Change up the wall colors

Have you always wanted your room to be a specific color growing up, and your parents never let you have it? Well, this is your chance to go wild.

The significant change will not only change the look of your probably boring off-white walls, but it’ll also make the space cozier and fresher. It’s a cheap and effective way to bring new life to your new Floridian home, and you can go for whatever color you want.

A statement or accent walls are also a big thing for more Florida homes and gives the house an interesting yet distinctive look no matter what style you’re going for.

Upgrade all the hardware

Now that you’re starting a new life in a new home, the old knobs, faucets, appliances, and door handles won’t do.

They’ll make your home look dated no matter how hard you try, so it’s best to upgrade them for newer and more contemporary style hardware that goes seamlessly with the rest of your humble abode. Even if you’re going for a vintage look, old hardware means lots of unnecessary maintenance costs.

Throw out some of your old furniture

As a materialistic society, we often hoard unwanted items and furniture in hopes of enjoying them at a later date. But at Southwest Florida R. E. Group, we believe new homes should be accompanied by new habits such as less or no hoarding.

You don’t want to clutter your new home with old damaged furniture and not leave room for any unique pieces, now do you? Purge the furniture pieces you know you don’t need and enjoy a more open and spacious home. 

At Southwest Florida R. E. Group, we’re a team of expert real estate agents working with homeowners in Naples, Florida, to help them buy and sell their homes. We have over 9000 property listings on our website and continue to assist people looking for homes for sale in Naples.

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