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How is the Real Estate Industry Functioning?

Many people know that real estate is one of the most profitable businesses; however, not everyone knows how it actually works. Let’s look at some ways in which the real estate agency conducts its inner functions with relation to the main aspects of the business. To start with the basic functions of the agency:

  • The homeowner and agent sign contract to sell or buy
  • The listing agent posts the house on the local listings service
  • The buyer’s agent finds a suitable property and inquires about it
  • A listing agent provides data and photos
  • Buyers and sellers agree on a deal
  • The deal is closed with a sale commission

Advertising & Marketing

Some real estate agencies are well known, but others struggle to be remembered when a new building is being built or an old one is coming up for sale, so how do they market themselves to gain new clients and compete with other agencies? The first and most effective way is to invest money in marketing. Today’s advancement in digital marketing services has made it more convenient to outsource to professionals.

The Design & Architectural Phase

This part of the real estate business is done by an architect or designer who uses their expertise to produce the best design possible for each property.

Functionality & Presentation

The presentation includes making sure that whatever is delivered in the end matches the requirements given by clients. The most important aspect of functionality is making sure it has everything required for living or using the property. For example, an office may need a kitchen, reception area, desks, and other furniture needed for employees – all locations must be compatible with each other. Likewise, if there are bedrooms, then there should be a bathroom. Functionality is ensuring that everything is accessible when it needs to be used.

The Product & Prices

This part of the business is simply delivering what was asked for in terms of design and functionality.  For instance, if the agent missed any component, changes to the property would lead to extra costs. Thus it’s important to mention all requirements in the contract to avoid any discrepancy. 

The Profit & Loss Statement

This part of the business includes the costs and returns of everything discussed previously within this blog post: advertisement, design, function, and product.

Real estate is a very profitable business, not because it’s an essential product but also because there are so many different branches of this industry to work in; literally, anyone can find their dream job within real estate. The diversity of it all makes this industry a great fit for almost anyone with a keen interest in the real estate market.

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