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How Did Naples, Florida, Get Its Name?

The first settlers, Joe Wiggins and Roger Gordon, were Caloosa Indians that lived on the shores of Southwest Florida and arrived in Naples in the 1860s. Newspaper and magazines published during the 1870s and 1880s featured the abundant fish and mild climate there.

The city resembled the Italian peninsula, Naples, and was named after it. People visiting Naples back then referred to it as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy”.  

Kentuckians Purchase the Land of Naples

A group of rich Kentuckians in 1887 virtually purchased the town of Naples. The first improvement the group made was building a T-shaped pier along the Gulf of Mexico, allowing large ships to dock. Naples quickly became popular as a winter resort, promoting social life around the Naples Hotel.

Naples in the 20th Century

In the early days, Naples was accessible only by boat, so it remained an isolated winter retreat until the train was introduced in 1927. The city began to expand following World War II as Aqualane Shores was dug out, creating many waterfront lots.

The tropical oasis promoted other upmarket residential developments, such as The Moorings and Port Royal. Historic architecture that dates back to 1903 includes the Naples Commissary Building and Naples Depot, built in 1927.

The Nickname of Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida, got its nickname “Paradise Coast” because it’s home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country. The beaches in Naples offer fine dining and spectacular sunset spots. Moreover, the city’s beautiful sunny weather makes it an ideal place to enjoy beach activities. Food lovers in the city enjoy the annual Paradise Coast Wine & Food Experience. Locals and tourists enjoy tree lighting, live music, and festive boat parades during the holiday season.

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