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Here’s How You Can Increase Your Home’s ‘Screen Appeal’

Not getting enough hits on your property listing can be a troublesome situation for many. Especially if you have an otherwise amazing property that you know should sell like hotcakes. So, what might be the problem?

Believe it or not, home buyers are roped into listings due to their aesthetics and appeal. Not having a good enough listing can turn people away. With the pandemic, more people are relying on online spaces for shopping for homes. So, here’s how you can make your home more appealing online.

Clear Out The Clutter

A messy home is never a good look. You should get as much of the mess out of the way before putting your home online for sale. The secret is to have just the right amount of furniture to make the home look not barren, but also nowhere near cluttered.

It’s important that you clean out any mess, but also don’t make the mistake of showing an empty room. Virtual staging is an essential step that helps buyers visualize living in your home. The last thing you want to give them is a blank canvas!

Lighting Is Key

Even if you have the most perfectly staged home, if the pictures come out dark and grim, you’re not going to get anyone to buy your property.

Lighting is key not just for taking pictures, but also helping your home appear brighter and more welcoming. Bright lighting has a very positive effect on people, and many homeowners want natural light in their future homes. So, boasting these features in your listing can help pique interest and bring about more prospective buyers your way.

Get Professional Assistance

Not everyone has a knack for marketing, and that’s okay! You want to sell your house without going through the mental gymnastics of making it look pretty, engaging with a bunch of people, and haggling for the ideal price.

More and more people are handing off this responsibility to professional real estate agents so that they don’t have to bother with creating the ideal “home appeal”. By employing real estate companies like Southwest Florida R.E. Group, you can rest easy knowing that a team is helping you in setting a price, creating marketing campaigns, and finding the right buyers for you.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how to sell your home in Naples.

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