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Four Ways to Get a Market Competitive Price for Your Property

Pinning down the right price for your property is a first and very crucial step in the sale process. Selling your property at a market competitive price can be tough. You have to evaluate the local market, figure out the right price, and start the process of listing it. Here are a few strategies to sell your house faster at better prices. 

Estimate Your Home’s Value Online for Free

Check your property’s approximate market value through an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) once you decide to sell your house. This will give you an idea about the price range at which you can sell your property. AVMs take property details like size, number of bedrooms, baths, location, garage condition, and more. It then gives you an estimated value based on current market trends. 

You can consult a real estate agent for a more detailed valuation, especially if you want the precise location and on-ground details factored in. This can include employment opportunities, noise levels, or the quality of the schooling district—all of which will affect the final value of your home. 

List a Rational, Comparative Price

Many homeowners have an emotional attachment to their homes. This means that they will settle on the asking price with that coloring their judgment. However, that won’t matter to the buyers. You should keep the asking price in line with the market’s trends and the concrete value-added features your home has; for example, an ideal location, advanced appliances, or extraordinary architectural features. 

Invest in Repairs

Invest a little in upgrading your home so you can ask for a higher price. How does this work? Making functional changes like repairing the broken knobs, plumbing, door mechanisms, etc., refreshing the paints, and deep cleaning rooms, will make your home look way more valuable. This way, you’re not spending a lot, but are getting a great ROI. 

Pricing Seasonally

Did you know that properties sell faster and for more at different times of the year? Markets usually experience higher demand in the summer and spring because most parents want to shift before the school year starts. 

You can also see a spike in property prices during the late winter as many people get raises and new jobs right after or during holiday season. Markets with a high proportion of retirees’ see a spike in the fall when people shift to avoid cold weather.

You just have to figure out the season and time when most buyers will be willing to go head to head to pay a higher sum. 

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