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Christopher Acheson – Naples Realtor

We’re creating a new series at Southwest Florida R.E. Group where we highlight our agents, interviewing them for tips on their respective expertise, and so we all can get to know them a bit more. The first agent is Christopher Acheson, who specializes in the North Naples region, but has done transactions as far north as Lehigh and as far South as South Naples/Golden Gate Estates.

For more details and Christopher, or to contact him, please visit Chris’ realtor page and for specifics on Naples Real Estate.

Christopher Acheson – Naples Realtor

What do you love about real estate?

I love the fact that I have unlimited earning capacity and manage my own schedule entirely. It is merit based pay in its purest form. The feeling of accomplishment after successfully helping someone purchase their dream home, their first home, or an investment home is second to none. Certainly a lot of work, but with such a great payoff at the end.

Is there a particular area in Southwest Florida you concentrate on (or love to work in)?

My bread and butter I would say is North Naples area but I have sold in Bonita Springs, South Naples, Marco, Estero, Ft Myers, and Lehigh.

What do you do for fun?

I am a workout and fitness fanatic and love playing sports/competing whenever I can. I enjoy, Crossfit, tennis, yoga, pickleball, golf, paddleboarding, weightlifting, skiing, sporting clays, and just going on outside walks. Avid music fan, played guitar most of my life.

Favorite restaurant?

I don’t have just one, but I do enjoy Sushi Thai for Asian cuisine, Parmesan Petes for Italian, Agave for Mexican, Bravo for American, Fuse for… fusion. I have yet to find a steakhouse that is my favorite.

What are your keys to success?

My keys to success are consistency and unwavering persistence. I try to surround myself with people that are experts and pick their brains on everything under the sun when it comes to real estate. If someone has done very well in their career using certain methodologies proven to be successful I’d be a fool not to follow in their footsteps and heed their advice.

How has the Southwest Florida R.E. Group team’s system worked for you?

The systems took time (several months of work in the beginning) but ultimately, they have worked extremely well. The systems are essential, and represent the foundation for success. With that said I’m always growing and learning, so the systems and processes are the best foundation I’ve seen at any brokerage or team, but at the same time I learn something new on every outing and transaction. At the end of the day it comes back to consistency and persistence. You won’t magically get sales with zero effort/consistency in any system, even in the best ones.

Tips for new agents?

Don’t stop. Keep plugging away and be consistent. Have the team and our systems hold you accountable. If you get complacent and lazy call yourself out! Communicate constantly with your team leader and other team members. Stay in the middle of the pack and keep learning. Don’t think you are superior to the system, the proof is in the numbers. I know the founders and team leads have spent years, and consulted with some of the best real estate consultants in the nation to come up with what we have.

This is not a smoke and mirrors team, we operate on hard data, and the data shows our system works well, even for new agents like me that had zero real estate sales experience. You will have doubts, I did, but if you stick to it, if you are open minded and listen to the advice of people who came before you and ACT on it, and are willing to put in actual work you’ll be pulling six figures in no time.

Ask for help if you need, there’s no shame and everyone’s here to support one another!

Face down fear and proceed anyway!

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Alex Greenwood

Personally, I'm the #1 agent in Southwest Florida, thanks in large part to my amazing team and the support of our brokerage MVP Realty. In addition SWFL RE Group has won top agency/practice 4 years in a row, and is also the top ranked and top reviewed Real Estate team on Zillow and Trulia.

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