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Advice on How to Increase Your Home’s Worth Before You Sell it

Are you planning to sell your house? If the answer is yes, know that it would help you sell your house at a better price if you invest a bit in home improvement. Potential buyers will factor in every aspect of your property that they’ll have to spend money on improving when they visit your house during a viewing. Nobody would want to pay a hefty price for a property requiring much upkeep and improvement. 

This blog post offers some useful advice for every homeowner who wishes to sell their house. Let’s see how you can increase your property’s worth before you sell it and make it a catch in the market.

Clean and Declutter

The first piece of advice that we’ve got for you is to clean and declutter your house, both from the inside and out. Decluttering the interior of your house will make the house look neater and more spacious. Moreover, take time out to declutter the outside of your property, including the backyard and garage. This will leave a great first impression on the potential buyers, and they’ll instantly show interest. 

Increase the Livable Space

Another way you can enhance the value of your house before selling it is by increasing the livable space. You can do this by finishing your basement by adding a bedroom, utilizing the attic, revamping the porch, etc. Any potential buyer would be willing to pay a higher price for your house if they’re getting more livable space. Your house may have a lot of under-utilized spaces, but if you use them the right way, you can definitely get the buyer’s attention in a good way!

Replace Your Windows

If you want to increase your home’s worth, replace your old windows with modern, energy-efficient windows. This is a major investment but will definitely enhance your property’s value. Most buyers will replace old windows before they move in and if they’re getting this bit already addressed, they’ll be more than happy to pay a higher price for your house!

Enhance the Curb Appeal

Most buyers have already made up their minds about whether they want to buy your house or not the moment they enter your property. This is the reason why working on enhancing curb appeal is very important. Before you invite a potential buyer to a showing, mow your lawn, clean your driveway, get rid of the weed, and maybe, apply a fresh coat of paint on the house. If the fence is broken or the paint is damaged, make sure you fix that, too, before a potential buyer visits. You can quote a higher price when your property looks great. Quoting a high price for a house that looks like it could use a major home improvement and revamp would seem pretty unreasonable. 


You may have memories associated with your house. Your house, without a doubt, would be very special to you. You certainly wouldn’t want to sell it at a lower price than it’s worth. The good news is that you can get a great price for your house if you invest a little time and money to make it look better and presentable. 

If you want to list your house for sale, get in touch with Southwest Florida Regroup and let us find a suitable buyer for your beloved house.

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