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5 Things To Look For When Selecting A Realtor

For most people, buying or selling a home is one of life’s most valuable investments.

You need to choose the right Realtor to assist you with buying or selling a home. But with many options to choose from, the process can be overwhelming.

There also are many things to consider, such as your Realtor’s experience and expertise. If you don’t look out for the things listed below, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

1. Personal rapport

You need to feel comfortable with this person because you’re going to be working with them for quite some time. Make sure that you can communicate openly and that this person seems responsive and attentive.

2. Good reputation

Ask around your neighborhood and community to find out who has sold homes recently and which Realtor they hired. A good reputation in the area means that this person has experience with homes like yours and knows how to get them sold quickly.

3. Experience in your area

It’s always recommended to go for an experienced Realtor who has been in the market for some time. This is because they will know how to handle every aspect of your transaction, from getting you a good price to closing escrow on time.

A real estate agent handing over silver house keys to a buyer

The best way to find one is by researching a potential agent’s credentials, ranging from their total number of sales and average selling price to their years of experience and success rate.

4. Specialized training and certification

Although there are many good Realtors out there, some have specialized training and designations that make them particularly adept at certain types of transactions.

If you’re looking at waterfront property, you want someone who has experience with that type of sale. Likewise, if you’re selling a large farm or ranch, you want someone who knows what it takes to get that done. The same goes for commercial properties.

5. Flexibility

Ensure that your real estate agent is flexible enough to handle all your needs effectively and efficiently while keeping you informed of all the developments concerning your property sale or purchase. This is critical if you’re looking to buy or sell within a short period, as in less than three months!

It’s also a bonus if a real estate agent can flex timings around the client’s schedule.

At Southwest Florida R.E. Group, we try to give our clients a hassle-free real estate experience as they buy or sell a home.

Being an experienced and reliable real estate company across Southwest Florida, we believe in offering unmatchable, speedy, flexible, and profitable deals for you and your family.

You can have a look at our team and reach out to us for more information today!

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