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5 Benefits for Owning a House in Florida

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Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is actually one of the best places in the US to own a house. You might be thinking: Is it because of the beaches? Well, not really, but surely that’s a plus. Here are some of the reasons that will totally convince you to buy a house in Florida. 

No Income Tax

Florida is one of the nine US states that do not have any income tax. It can save you a lot of money, especially if you fall in a high-income tax bracket back in your state. Not just this, Florida’s constitution prohibits the state from imposing any individual income tax, which means it’s a safe bet. Living in Florida can really help you with your expenses as with no income taxes, you will have higher disposable income to spend.

No Estate Tax

Estate Tax, also known as the death tax, is the tax charged on the transfer of the estate of a person who dies. Although Florida had estate taxes before 2005, changes in federal law eliminated this provision.

Property Tax Benefits

That’s not the only benefits you get. Buying a property in Florida and declaring it as your primary homestead or the primary homestead of your dependent will allow you to get two property tax benefits. 

Homestead Exemption on Property Taxes

You will receive a homestead exemption on property taxes for $50,000, decreasing the property’s taxable value.  

Save Our Home Cap

There is a ‘Save Our Home’ cap on the annual increase in assessed value of a property that’s either equal to 3% or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is the lowest. In case CPI is greater than 3%, the assessed value of the property will still only increase by 3%. 

Asset Protection

Owning a home in Florida is definitely safe, as the state ensures that your asset is protected by offering various asset protection benefits. The asset protection benefit that applies to homes is the Homestead creditor protection. According to Article X, Section 4, no creditor can force the sale of a homestead to satisfy a judgment.

Perfect Weather

It’s well known that people come to Florida for the weather but stay for the tax relief. But what’s so attractive about Florida’s weather?

Florida has ten months of warm weather, which means ten long months to enjoy the beaches. The temperature in Florida doesn’t go under 60 degrees during the day and above 40 degrees during the night. Although it’s pretty humid all year round, if you love summers, Florida is the best place for you.

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If you’re thinking of investing in a residential property, buying a house in Florida won’t just be an amazing investment opportunity but will also be something you can truly enjoy. In case you’re looking for a real estate agent to find you your dream Floridian home, contact Southwest Florida Real Estate Group. We are real estate agents in Naples, Florida, who can help you to buy or sell homes in Naples. You can also visit our website for property listings.

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