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4 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Family Home

A happy family cooks together in their new kitchen and home.

A family home is very different from, let’s say, your first apartment, a condo, or a stater home, as an individual or as a couple. There are a lot more factors to consider and look into when you’re buying a home to raise kids in and settle as a family.

We’ll go over some basics and some of the less thought-of factors when choosing a house, including:

1.     The location of your new home

Location is everything when you’re buying a family home. You’ll want to think about whether your home is in a suburb or towards the city, whether there are schools and daycares easily accessible, how kids and teens get around the area, what the age dynamics are, and if they’ll settle in easily. You don’t want to drag them out in the middle of nowhere or cut off from peers and friends because that doesn’t turn out well for anybody.

2.     The overall size of the property

The size of the property doesn’t just include the physical structure but also the lot itself. How much yard space, driveway space, patio, and porch space do you get? It might make a difference if you have young kids, multiple cars, or even pets in your household. Discuss this with your agent for more clarity too.

A happy family gathered around a kitchen island, preparing breakfast together.

3.     The total number of bedrooms

This one’s a no-brainer, but you will need multiple bedrooms for a family. Depending on the number of kids, or family members in the household, the rooms can vary from two to ten or even more! Other things to consider are if your kids can share a bedroom, or whether there will be separate rooms if you have other adults living there and they need their own space.

Don’t forget to account for the number of bathrooms too! Again, having at least two bathrooms makes things a lot more comfortable for everyone in the house, so even with quarreling overturns and hot water, there’s more than one bathroom available.

4.     The other rooms and spaces inside

In addition to the home’s size, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other details like the available appliances and their conditions, you should also check out the possibility of other rooms and spaces like the living room, a potential rec room, TV lounge, study, and workspaces, etc.

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