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4 Questions to Ask Your Agent About a Listing

A home’s entrance with different fixtures and finishings pre-installed.

Buying a home is overwhelming and can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult when you’re working with a reliable real estate agent. In fact, it’s a lot easier when you know you can trust them, and you’re getting accurate, reliable, detailed information.

Here are some questions you should be asking them and points that are worth discussing for a clearer idea about a listing and putting your mind at ease:

1.     Ask about their qualifications and referrals

While not exactly related to the listing, this is important information to have.

You should know your agent’s qualifications, licensure, and they should be able to provide you with a referral. Customers they’ve worked with, other testimonials, etc., are some of the best ways to get this information about their work in general. You can also check out the State of Florida’s real estate education requirements for more clarity.

This a great segue into understanding whether they’re worked with the kind of listing you’re interested in. Thie portfolio will offer a glimpse into their work and experience.

2.     Find out how long their listings stay on the market

It helps to know how long the agent’s listings stay on the market, which gives you an idea of how fast they can sell your property and how long it will take them to find you a home. Ask them for an average timespan for sales as a way to gain more insight into the process.

A beautifully designed, functional kitchen with various appliances included.

3.     Discuss numbers like the listing vs. selling prices

A listing price isn’t always the price a home is sold at. Sometimes those prices go up when bids come along, and sometimes they fall when your agent is able to negotiate with the seller. Knowing the difference will also provide you with a more accurate overview of the expected price you can purchase or sell a property at.

4.     Ask them if they’ve made similar sales in the area

This is a big question because it’s generally smarter to compare their previous sales to your current listing. The price point, home style, and perks will be closer to yours if it’s in the same neighborhood or close, and so, don’t hesitate to ask them about their sales.

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