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4 Interesting Facts About Florida

A beach that is close to a home in Naples, Florida

There’s a reason Florida is called the “Sunshine State!”

Not only does Florida get more sun than any other region in the US, but it also boasts surreal natural beauty and stunning attractions that make it a tourists’ paradise. Overall, Florida has a happy environment and many warm, sunny days a year.

If you’re considering moving to Florida, here are some fun facts that will help you get familiar with the state.

Let’s highlight some interesting facts about Florida.

Interesting Fact 1. Almost a Thousand People Move to Florida Every Day

Clearly, many people understand that purchasing real estate in Florida is an investment that’s worth making. Whether you have a family you want to nurture or are a retiree looking for the perfect place to settle down, thousands of people just like you migrate to Florida regularly.

Interesting Fact 2. Florida Has Zero Dinosaur Fossils

A beach that is close to a home in Naples, Florida

Fun fact: Florida was underwater for most, if not all, of the time that dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Therefore, there aren’t fossils out in Florida that an archeologist can dig up. The archeologist will have to settle for Mai Tai’s by the beach!

Interesting Fact 3. Florida is the #1 Golf Course State in America

Florida has the most golf courses compared to any other state in America. Its residents truly love and value golf, and Florida caters to that demand. There are 1300+ golf courses to choose from. You’ll even locate museums dedicated to golf!

Interesting Fact 4. The Most “Flat” State in America is Florida

There are limited hills in Florida. The elevation isn’t more than 100 feet. Even its “high” points are considered low by the standards of every other state in America.

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