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3 Essential Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Finding a home is not only overwhelming but is also expensive. Most people are only able to buy a house once in their lives, and it is essential that they do it right. Before you even consider putting a down payment, you must critically think about the property and whether it lines up with your long-term needs.

During the buying process, we are often so excited that we forget to inquire during the buying process. And these things can become major obstacles when you start living in the house or selling it. So, here are some things you should ask your real estate agent before settling on the property.

Inquire About the Sale History

You should ask how much the house sold for last time. This will give you an idea of what you will have to pay for the house. However, the price of the house changes depending on the current market, so you might have to pay a lot more because of market price and inflation. But it still gives you a pretty good idea about the property’s value.

Is The Home In Any Natural Disaster Zones?

If the property you are planning to buy falls in a flood zone and could be prone to other kinds of disasters, then you might need additional insurance on that property. You will have to make sure that your insurance is big enough to cover the cost of a complete house rebuilt.

couple asking the realtor some questions

Ask Why the Previous Owner Is Leaving

Whether it be a job relocation or moving to get a fresh start, understanding the motive for selling the home will help you negotiate with the homeowner. This will help the realtor, and also you figure out how flexible the homeowner will be during negotiation. And inquiring about the reason will also help you figure out if there was something potentially wrong with the property. While most people won’t fully disclose it, it is still better to ask. If they don’t answer, then you can always do a little research online to figure out the history of the house.  

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